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Here we aim to provide unique and quality private tours to those visiting Mallorca.

The demand for private tours in Mallorca is increasing as people want to discover the island at their own pace and as the volume of cruise passengers visiting the island increases. Our private tours are aimed at those who want something special and personal, without rushing or being ferried around from place to place in a large group. People visiting Mallorca on a cruise and who have little time on the island will greatly benefit from our private tours, which can be adjusted to the time available and will provide a great opportunity for getting the best out of Mallorca.

Why to book your Private tours in Mallorca with us?

We believe in value for money and fair prices. You won’t find better private tours in Mallorca for affordable prices.

Our guides are enthusiastic, knowledgeable and fun and are renowned for being the best guides on the island.

Being a local and well-established company we have good relationships with local suppliers meaning that we always get the best service and timetables from them.

Our experience and know-how means that we can organise the best itineraries and timetables ensuring that you have the best time in Mallorca.

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